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About DistanceRunning.dk and prof. trainer & coach, Thomas Vidø

Thomas tells about his passion for running, which began with a 5k race in 1987.

”Yeeehaaa… ☺ Mission accomplished! Berlin Marathon finish time 2:59:40. Absolutely fantastic experience (…) would not have been possible without a super-sharp program”.
Thomas Lindhøj, 37 years old, Frederiksberg
“In short, this has just been a fantastic journey in which every aspect of my running has improved significantly”
Christian Fangholm Bak, 40 years old, Frederiksberg
”Just made a PR at 3:37 in my 12th marathon! I felt like FLYING all the way and I’m pretty confident that I can hit 3:30 next time. Thanks for the coaching, Thomas Vidø”
Sine Gerstenberg, 36 years old, Frederiksberg
”HUGE wish came through by running the half marathon in less than 1½ hours (1:29:50)! ☺ Forever thanks to coach Thomas Vidø! Yehaa…..”
Flemming Kirkegaard, 48 years old, Copenhagen
“Before, I had achieved just one sub 4 hour time from 26 marathons. Now I have 3 sub 4 hour times from 3 races, incl. a PR of 3:43:33!”
Andrew Dempsey, 54 years old, Dublin, Irland
“I did my first 10k race in 38:38 and was way ahead of number 2. Thanks man – you’re a great coach!”
Willem Mulder, 39 years old, New York City
“Wooohuuuu! One of my top personal goals can be checked off! A half marathon in less that 1:30:00 for the first time! ☺”
Lars Dybdal Hansen, 40 years old, Copenhagen

Run for the good times

Prof. Trainer & Coach, Thomas Vidø, assists serious recreational runners in achieving their dream finish times anywhere from 5k and up to the marathon. The results are achieved through the transformation of your endurance, building your fitness and speed, plus streamlined mental charging.

Thomas’ core competencies are structured training, elegant running technique, target clarification and motivational coaching. Take the first step towards better races and good times – click below and apply for half an hour of coaching that gives you …

# 1. Clarification of your personal dream goal.

# 2. Clarification of physical and mental obstacles between you and your goal.

# 3. Outline your plan and next step towards success.

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